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your Spanish


A Stunning Visual eBook to enjoy everywhere on your iPad, Macbook and iMac without connection

Why Should I buy or give VC – ESPAÑOL?

Over 1800 words vocabulary

VC – Español is divided into 15 chapters, reflecting various everyday life scenarios  with more than 1,800 words in Neutral American Spanish.

Voice with american accent

Each word is accompanied by audio with the correct pronunciation and accent in perfect Neutral American Spanish sung by Latin american speakers.


VC – Español is designed in a simple way to accomplish their goal. To help you to increase your vocabulary in a pleasant way.

Available Offline

It is always available in your device without connection to any network, and without consuming your mobile data. Furthermore, it occupies not much space on your device.

Free Updates

Every improvement, modification or extension of the content will be available as a free update for all owners.

VC – Español is an interactive visual aid with over 1800 words in Spanish (Latin American) that work as a complement to your language studies, to increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. It is perfect for those who are starting to study Spanish, and those who already have an advanced level. This is not a Spanish language course, but it is a very good complement for students and people who want to improve their Spanish skills. It is presented in a nice format and offers a lot of content with beautiful illustrations and audio (with a Neutral American Spanish accent) that will help you capture better and memorize the vocabulary. It is perfect to take advantage of your free time, the time you spend on public transport or in waiting rooms.


It consists of 15 beautifully illustrated chapters that will guide us through pictures, text and sound, to learn from the most practical way over 1800 commonly used words covering different scenarios of everyday life.

Ideal for your iPad!

The different sections look great on iPad’s big screen
And it works perfect on Mac too!. 

You can find this 303 pages digital book, beautifully illustrated, that helps you to improve your Spanish vocabulary at Apple Books using the upper button.

This book is exclusively for use on iPad and computers running macOS. Could be used on iPhone too, but is a better experience on big screens.

I hope you enjoy it.

Héctor Medina Alfaro